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Eurosad organization was established in 2010 during the expansion of Kolsad (before called Intersad) - the company which has been present on the market for 20 years. Experience, long-lasting business relations, knowledge of the market acquired in the space of years by the owner of aforementioned companies and now the head of Eurosad - Stefan Kołacz are the key factor of its success.

In 2011Eurosad opened their new build headquarters, stocking and reloading center. The terrain is equipped with modern infrastructure of 7000m2 including warehouse, cooling and freezing facilities for storing fruits and sorting station. We own all background necessary for keeping and providing the best quality of fruits all over the year.

On the one hand contemporary trading companies function under the pressure of maintaining quality criteria and consumers’ requirements; on the other hand under the pressure of wholesale markets and logistic centers. Eurosad successfully copes with aforesaid issues thanks to its perfect executive staff, direct access to fresh and tasty fruits, investments in up-to-date technologies and its ambitious goals.

Eurosad is a very important trading company and key market player. Our activity can be characterized by the following aspects: We ensure packaging and transportation according to client’s request.